Silver Bracelet – How to Determine the Size

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Do you know that silver bracelet enhance your glamour quotient significantly? Yes it does. And one of the most important steps of jewellery making is ensuring that you get the right measurements for your designs. Otherwise, even it’s so glamour it will not give a perfect outlook to your beauty. And majority of you don’t want to have to start over with a piece or waste time trying to resize it. So it’s much better to learn the way how to measure the correct size of your bracelet.

And we are going to share some common size charts for bracelets. And it will help you to determine the silver bracelet size before purchasing a finished bracelet. Let’s see how to determine size for a bracelet.

Silver Bracelet – Steps of Determining the Bracelet Size

  1. You should measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurements or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.
  2. You should mark your size with a pen or pencil, if you’ll use a plain strip of paper. And also you should use a ruler to measure the length.
  3. Then you can find your wrist size.
  4. After that, check your wrist size with below size table and find which size category you belong.

Bracelet Size Chart for Children

Newborn – 6 months4”
6 – 12 months4 ½”
12 – 24 months5”
2 – 5 years5 ½”
6 -8 years6”
9 – 13 years6 ½”

Bracelet Size Chart for Women

Medium7 ½” – 8”
Large8 ½”
Plus Size9”
Anklet9 ½” – 10” (Usually this comes with extension chain)

Bracelet Size Chart for Men

Medium8 ½”
Plus Size9 ½”

If you want to know the fitting style….

Fitting StyleAdd Inche(es) to Wrist SizeSuitable for
Snug FitAdd ¼” to ½”Delicate bracelet vith a thin chain.
Comfort FitAdd ¾” to 1”Normal bracelets
Loose FitAdd 1 ¼”Large bracelets



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