Name Pendant

Do you like to wear unique jewelry? If so, then you have to deal  with the personalized jewelry. There are so many personalized jewelry such as name necklaces, engraved pendant necklaces, photo necklaces and name bracelets. Out of all, the name pendant is one of popular and reasonable jewelry to be unique in Sri Lanka. With Friday Shine, you can have the most beautiful and personalized sterling silver name pendant at ultra-competitive prices.
Our name pendant products adopt 925 sterling silver and plated with 22KT gold, if customers will request. You will be delighted in many possibilities by designing something of your own, with Friday Shine personalized jewelry items. And you can buy quality personalized jewelry at a reasonable price.

Name Pendant – More

We know that all names have a story behind them. And they add the special touch that makes a person even more unique from the moment of birth. We can see that some names are given for honoring past generations and some names are so exotic and beautiful as well as trending names. But no matter what reason stands behind them, names are always given with love. Our crafting team is here to take all that love and turn them into stunning necklaces. They will make the perfect gift for lovers, moms, to celebrate the new additions to families, or to congratulate someone on her birthday, graduation and many more special occasions.
Once you send the word you need , you can preview a name in several fonts and choose the one you like the most. We use skilled craftsmen to craft your name on a 925 sterling silver plate. In the end, you will receive a highly customized name pendant or necklace that will be cherished forever. Not only by your name, but also you can personalize the pendant by your nick name or signature or a powerful word that combines all you would like to say to a person.

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