Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka

Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka

Can you believe that second quarter of 2018 is coming to a close? As a country, for us, this year is flying by! Sri Lanka is enjoying the unique jewellery trends that popped up throughout last years Рfrom gold, silver to platinum. As we are well known for its precious stones, there are many gem and jewellery shops can be seen in the main cities like Colombo and Galle and there’s good demand for this industry too. Therefore, many people are concerned about Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka.

However, our jewellery makers are able to emerge exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated creativity with the advantage of modern technology. Which is your favourite jewellery collection? Gold, silver or platinum? No matter your preference. You can find high quality jewels in Sri Lanka.

Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan jewellery industry responds each and every customer with a deeper understanding of the special needs and is catering to a variety of sophisticated tastes. Majority of our jewellery makers are making their priced based on daily rates. Here you can find the latest jewellery prices Sri Lanka.

Gold Price on 25.06.2018

Gold OunceRs. 202,407.00
24 Carat 1 GramRs. 7,140.00
24 Carat 8 Grams ( 1 Pawn )Rs. 57,150.00
22 Carat 1 GramRs. 6,550.00


Platinum Price on 25.06.2018

Platinum PriceIn OunceIn Kilogram


However, you can wait with super excited about the anticipated jewellery trends in Sri Lanka. And to have updates in Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka, stay tuned with us.


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