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Name Pendant

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Do you like to wear unique jewelry? If so, then you have to deal  with the personalized jewelry. There are so many personalized jewelry such as name necklaces, engraved pendant necklaces, photo necklaces and name bracelets. Out of all, the name pendant is one of popular and reasonable jewelry to be unique in Sri Lanka. With Friday Shine, you can have the most beautiful and personalized sterling silver name pendant at ultra-competitive prices. Our .

Valentine Gifts Sri Lanka
All of us know that Valentine’s week is the most romantic time of the year! We can find so many perfect love gifts for all the important days of Valentine’s Week. But when you’ll give a gift, it’s important to give something to cherish and unforgettable thing. Personalized silver jewellery is one of best valentine gifts Sri Lanka, that you can find. Explore our personalized jewellery collection that you can send to your special someone .

Silver Bracelet – How to Determine the Size

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Do you know that silver bracelet enhance your glamour quotient significantly? Yes it does. And one of the most important steps of jewellery making is ensuring that you get the right measurements for your designs. Otherwise, even it’s so glamour it will not give a perfect outlook to your beauty. And majority of you don’t want to have to start over with a piece or waste time trying to resize it. So it’s much .

Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka

Jewellery Prices Sri Lanka
Can you believe that second quarter of 2018 is coming to a close? As a country, for us, this year is flying by! Sri Lanka is enjoying the unique jewellery trends that popped up throughout last years – from gold, silver to platinum. As we are well known for its precious stones, there are many gem and jewellery shops can be seen in the main cities like Colombo and Galle and there’s good demand .

Sri Lanka Jewellery

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Are you a jewellery lover who seeks modern, contemporary or classic designs with a personal touch? If so, Sri Lanka Jewellery helps you less than a few seconds to make a unique style statement. We are an abundance of gem deposits and adding some stylishness and glamour to our customers. Colombo, the heart of Sri Lanka is filled with many jewels stores. Do you want traditional style jewels? Or more contemporary, colourful pieces? Gold .